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Bernardotto Argento, founded in 1963 by Danilo Bernardotto, was one of the first to specialize in the production of handcrafted precious objects in 925 silver.

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Our goal has always been excellence, down to the smallest details. We believe this is, in fact, the winning ingredient for the good quality and durability of a jewel or a silver accessory, for the satisfaction of our customers and of our own work.

Over the years, we have also joined the creation of precious silver in collaboration with other production companies, in the finishing of accessories for shoes and bags.
We have been able to offer them our experience in the art of bonding stones and rhinestones, where we excel today.
A complex and delicate technique, which requires great attention and dexterity, in which we have been able to specialize in order to be able to offer a final result similar to that of the setting, with the advantage of excellent quality, a longer life and a lower processing cost.

What distinguishes us in the art of bonding, and which we consider essential for an optimal job, is the scrupulousness in the choice of the glues and the systems to be adopted, which vary according to the type of stone and the support material that the customer submit.
We are therefore able, on the basis of simple design, to create both the model and directly the final product, selecting, with competence and accuracy, the type of stone, its shape and its dimensions, according to the individual settings, and the a more suitable shade of color, so as to obtain the required chromatic, aesthetic and functional effect in an impeccable way.
In the same way, we can proceed with bonding between metals, always with optimal results.

Some of our bonding jobs, of which we are particularly proud, have requested over 1000 stones, individually chosen and glued by hand one by one, and have gone on to embellish garments, footwear and accessories of important names in international fashion.
Con questa tecnica, possiamo applicare strass su collane, braccialetti, anelli, orecchini e altri ornamenti, anche di piccole dimensioni e di svariate forme, garantendo sempre ai nostri clienti, accanto alla qualità, tempi di consegna precisi e costo ridotti.

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To our customers we offer our experience of over 50 years of work, always carried out with dedication, punctuality and professionalism. In addition to the creation and production of silver jewelry, including third parties, and the art of bonding, we can take care of all the finishing phases, from precision casting to milling and welding.
We therefore put our skills at the disposal of all those companies, large or small, that need carefully crafted processes and at a highly competitive cost.
Without ever failing in the will that was already of the founder: pursuing excellence in quality, the first and most important of our work tools.

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