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Bernardotto Argento s.r.l.
Silver 925 ‰ Jewels Manufacturer


Bernardotto Silver s.r.l. was founded in Vicenza in 1969 by Danilo Bernardotto and it specialized in silver jewelry production 925‰.

Our jewels, namely rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, slaves, hanging and pins, are characterized by a creative design that stresses lux in its very classic dimension. Bernardotto's collections have sober and elegant items with polish and satinaized surfaces that create an extraordinary chiaroscuro under the rays of light. Moreover, in our siver necklaces, the artificial stones and pearls give colour and personality to the tight and sophisticated linearity of silver..

The company policy has never changed since its foundation: accuracy in the manifactures of the jewels, both in their aesthetic aspects and in the phisical aspects. In this way it has been possible for Bernardotto to excel in the market and reach a large success among the people of different ages.

In continuous expansion, Bernardotto Silver limited liability company is constantly present to the triple appointment with the international exposure of the oreficeria and silvervare of the Fair of Vicenza: VicenzaOro1 in January, VicenzaOro2 in june and OroGemma in september.


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